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Icynene’s range of spray foam insulation solutions deliver a perfect fit for any shaped cavity. Unlike traditional insulation materials like cellulose or fiberglass, Icynene spray foam can conform to unusual geometry and provide a continuous, protective barrier that significantly reduces air leakage, minimizes airborne moisture transfer, and optimizes energy efficiency. Ideal for both wood or steel-framed construction, Icynene spray foams are specially formulated to suit each project’s individual needs. Icynene spray foam insulation products:

Can offer savings of up to 50% on heating and cooling costs
Are verified as an air-barrier material
Contain low Emitting Materials (LEM) as per CHPS EQ 2.2 Section 01350


The evolution of insulation is here with Icynene Classic Max. Classic Max is a one-and-done application that eliminates the need for an ignition barrier in residential applications, including unvented attics. This product helps builders save time and money. Icynene Classic Max is tested and certified to be sprayed in all residential applications with no ignition barrier required. This new product innovation offers superior adhesion to provide a seamless air barrier that works immediately for the comfort of your clients. When compared to competitive sucrose-based products available on the market, Icynene Classic Max:

Achieves up to 50% higher yield upon application
Has greater spray-ability, meaning no dripping or shrinkage when sprayed
Has a wide temperature range for applications, suitable for any climate
Is not considered a food source for pests


Icynene Classic allows homeowners to experience the superior comfort and air-barrier qualities offered by this insulation. Additionally, homeowners can achieve savings of up to 50% on heating and cooling costs. Icynene Classic Benefits include:

100% water-blown, open-cell spray foam
Approved for construction types: I, II, III, IV, V
Stable thermal performance
R-value = 3.7 per inch
Superior sound control
Vapor permeable, supports bi-directional drying of assemblies
Superior cold temperature adhesion to multiple substrates
Soft, flexible composition maintains an air seal even after seasonal expansion/contraction of building assembly
Icynene Classic is also available as a pourable product (LD-CP-50), ideal for retrofit projects.


Icynene’s renewable-based spray foam insulation, LD-R-50 is a responsibly formulated half-pound, 100% water-blown insulation and air barrier material. Icynene LD-R-50 exceeds the renewable content specification set by the USDA BioPreferredSM program and ICC-SAVE. Using high-yield castor oil material, Icynene LD-R-50 reduces the need for petroleum-based polyol. Icynene LD-R-50 insulates and air-seals in one step for maximum energy conservation while minimizing the environmental impact during manufacturing and construction. Significantly reducing air leakage means Icynene LD-R-50 contributes to a healthier, quieter and more comfortable indoor environment, while reducing heating and cooling energy consumption and related greenhouse gas emissions by up to 50%.


Architects and builders can push the limits of design while being able to meet or exceed code requirements for high R-value and/or a vapor barrier with Icynene’s MD-C-200 closed-cell spray foam. Icynene MD-C-200 is a robust, two-pound closed-cell spray foam insulation that offers an array of benefits such as:

High R-Value (6.75 per inch at 4″)
Air impermeable material
Increased structural integrity for a home or commercial building
Built-in vapor retarder (Class II vapor retarder at 1.5″)
Superior cold temperature adhesion to multiple substrates
Formulations for all Climate Zones and Altitudes
Low odor


Revolutionizing medium density insulating spray foam and air barrier materials, Icynene MD-R-200 is an ideal choice for those who want a more eco-friendly option for their residential building projects than closed-cell spray foam. Icynene MD-R-200 Benefits include:

Open-cell structure, medium density 2.0 lb.
Water blown
HFC- and PBDE-free
Stable thermal performance
R-value = 5.2 per inch
Low permeance Class 3 VDR (1.8 perm @3″ thick)
Rigid, not flexible composition contributes to wall racking strength
Rejects bulk water With a higher R-value, compressive strength and tensile strength than what is offered by most open-cell insulating spray foam, Icynene MD-R-200 is guaranteed to perform as specified for the life of the building.

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